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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 25, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and breaking news. major setback. a dangerous, new breach, the worst yet, in a reactor core, as japan faces a true nuclear catastrophe. will parts of japan now be lost for generations? in this country, superbug. growing concern this morning over a brand-new drug-resistant bacteria taking hold in california hospitals. is it on the move? dr. besser is standing by right here this morning. crowning glory. this beauty queen wins her crown back in a highly-publicized trial, after losing it because she was accused of being too fat. told to lay off the tacos. she's here live. and going gaga this morning for polar cubs.
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two, new polar bears take the world stage. they're already capturing the world's heart. good morning, again, everyone. thanks for spending the week with us. it's been good having david muir here with us. we're going to get to japan in a moment. >> so much news this morning. we're also tracking a story we broke at abc news. an air traffic controller sleeping on the job at a major airport, while two planes were landing. this morning, we learn how many airports rely on just one person to guide your plane in. and did you hear this? elizabeth taylor late to her own funeral, by design. she wanted it that way. to be late to her own funeral. we have more details about her private service.
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actor colin farrell, joining family and friends. >> love that detail about her arriving late. we're going to get to the breaking news this morning, what could be a catastrophic nuclear situation in japan. the prime minister speaking just moments ago about the new and perhaps the biggest breach yet in one of the nuclear reactor cores. neal karlinsky is tracking what the prime minister said moments ago. he has the latest from tokyo. neal, what did you hear? >> reporter: david, the prime minister, wrapping up, in fact, right now, as we speak. calling the situation, quote, grave and serious. also vowing to get better information to the people. better radiation monitoring. and that information, directly to the public. we're at the nation's leading facility for dealing with radiation exposure. we're here because some of the injured workers were brought here just a couple of hours ago. those workers, just the latest evidence of a nuclear emergency that is in a downward spiral. hours before that, an official came out and said, one of their
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worst fears now appears to be coming true. a breach, a possible breach, of one of the reactor cores. even those helping to move the injured workers today were in protective gear, keeping them safe from the men who suffered burns from radioactive water 10,000-times the normal limit. they were working in incredible dangerous job, stabilizing fukushima's reactor three. the scene of those reactors and the same reactor, has reportedly damaged its containment vessel and is now leaking high radiation. not just radiation, but so-called mox fuel, a combination of uranium and plutonium. people sheltered inside their homes in this rarely seen place, 20 to 30 kilometers from the plant, are being prepared to evacuate. it is just the latest bad news in what is becoming a more severe radiation emergency than
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previously known. so, will you test the water every day to make sure it's safe for people? since we have found radiation in the water every morning, we will take samples, as this water treatment plant director from chiba, about an hour east from tokyo. radiation has been found in his water and in similar plants in several other cities. all reporting radioactive iodine, unsafe for infants in their tap water. this woman says she won't use the tap water in her home, even if the government says it's okay. no. it's not just the tap water. a new survey of 8 locations spread over 40 miles of ocean, shows dangerous levels of iodine-131 and cesium-137. there will be a press conference here in a couple of hours about the injured workers. right now, they are said to be in fairly good condition. david? >> that's reassuring.
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neal karlinsky starting us off. we want to turn right to physicist michio kaku this morning. great to have you. the prime minister calling this breach grave and serious. as you know, doctor, i was in japan for days. and rarely did the prime minister come out in this way, apologizing and using those words. what does this tell you? >> thishuge. for the first time, they're using that dreaded word, breach, meaning uncontrolled release of radiation into the environment. and remember, that unit three, which is suspected to have the breach, contains plutonium. plutonium is the most toxic chemical known to science. a speck of plutonium, a millionth of a gram, could cause canser if it's ingested. if there is a full abandonment of the reactor site, if they abandon ship, we could be in freefall. >> even before we heard the words used by the prime minister, doctor, we saw this in a tokyo newspaper this morning.
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the headline, japan'scommittee thinking about upping the level here. let's look at the numbers. three mile island was a level five. chernobyl, a level seven, the highest possible. now, japan considering moving this up to a six. >> well, the utility is the laughing stock within scientific circles. obviously, this accident has exceeded three mile island. at three mile island we had one reactor sustaining perhaps 90% core damage. but very little escaped into the environment. there was no breach. here, we have three, raging meltdowns in progress, one spent fuel pond open to air. hydrogen gas explosions. any one of which exceeds three mile island. obviously, we should be at level six. >> level six, you pointed out. and we saw the images of the ghost towns created near the fukushima plant. are we looking at a chernobyl
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situation where an entire region of japan would be empty for years to come? >> let's hope not. let's hope they bring it under control. but if it goes to a full-scale evacuation of all personnel, it means that firefighters are no longer putting water on to the cores. that's the only thing preventing a full-scale meltdown at three reactor sites. once they evacuate, we pass the point of no return. and meltdowns are inevitable at three reactor site, leading to a tragedy far beyond that of chernobyl, creating permanent dead zones in japan. >> all right. dr. kaku, leading us through this day by day. we appreciate it. two weeks to the day, since the earthquake and tsunami. dr. kaku, thanks. we have a turning point in libya today. nato now says it's picking up some of the responsibility of enforcing the no-fly zone. and our martha raddatz got exclusive access aboard the aircraft carrier where u.s. planes are taking off. and martha joins us from the
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u.s. air base in italy. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. general carter ham had been on the job as africa commander only ten days before this war began. and he has been going nonstop ever since. in the last 24 hours, the coalition targeted gadhafi's forces with air strikes in 5 cities. but stopping attacks against civilians with air power alone is proving a difficult task. we traveled with general carter ham, commander of this mission, for an exclusive interview aboard the "uss kearsarge," packed with war planes and helicopters used in libya. >> does it bother me that there's innocent civilian people who's been slaughtered by these people while it's my job to protect them? yes, i take that to heart. >> reporter: but he says his mission is not to oust gadhafi. >> i don't think about him. i really don't.
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it's not in my mission set. what i do try to do is disrupt the ability of the current regime leaders to control their military forces. >> reporter: onboard the "kearsarge," thousands of sailors and marines, including the two marine osprey pilots who helped rescue the pilot of that downed f-15. they spoke privately and exclusively to us for the first time about the rescue. >> we saw his flare on the ground. and a plane up ahead, 25,000 feet, was able to shine a laser down. >> reporter: the osprey descended into the tall grass below. >> i think he was hiding near a bush. he started bolting towards the airplane. he was in the dust cloud by the time we landed. >> reporter: they were on the ground only for a matter of seconds. >> i was planning to be there for a little bit. but the crew chief said, he's onboard. let's go. >> reporter: the number of u.s. pilots over libya could decline,
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with nato's announcement it will oversea the no-fly zone. but still, a crucial question. who will take over responsibility to protect civilians? mean target gadhafi's troops? whatever happens, general ham will probably have some role, even when they hand it over to nato. robin? >> all right, martha. thank you. as we said, u.s. handing over control of the no-fly zone to nato commanders. jake tapper is at the white house for us this morning. jake, what does this mean for u.s. involvement going forward? >> reporter: it means in a couple days, that it takes from now until the command and control of the no-fly zone is handed over to nato, the u.s. will start to even lessen its sorties over libya, even more so. and also, it means that finally, the president will be able to say that the u.s. is stepping back from that role. but, robin, as martha mentioned in her piece, there is still that huge, huge issue, the huge
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mission of civilian protection, going after gadhafi's forces, going after his tanks. and it remains unclear if nato's going to take over that mission, as well. nato will meet and talk about operational control. but there's some discrepancy between what the u.s. is saying and what nato is saying. >> there's discrepancy on what nato's role is going to be in that mission. >> reporter: that's exactly right, robin. secretary of state hillary clinton said there's political agreement among the 28 member countries in nato. and they will talk about how to do this command and control of the civilian protection component. but the head of nato said there is no agreement yet. so, there is some confusion still in this mission, robin. >> all right. all right, jake. thank you. we'll be looking for you on sunday because jake will be filling in for christiane amanpour on "this week." he will have an exclusive interview with former defense secretary donald rumsfeld. we're going to turn to the alarming story we've been talking about the air traffic
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controller who was not only alone but asleep on the job in washington, d.c. as two planes were landing at reagan national airport, getting no help from the tower. so, we asked just how many airports out there count on air traffic controllers working by themselves. jim sciutto broke this story. he has new information on that number this morning. how many airports, jim? >> reporter: good morning, david. federal officials looking into two things actually. fatigue and staffing at airports. this controller fell asleep on his fourth-consecutive night shift. but there was no backup in that tower. a condition we found at 30 airports around the country. this morning faa is urgently reviewing staffing at some 30 airports across the country, with only 1 air traffic controller on duty on the night shift. just like reagan national, when the tower went silent. abc news has learned that several of those airports serve large cities. sacramento, san diego, tucson, denver. news that left some passengers we spoke with angry and nervous.
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>> very concerned. >> frightened? >> very frightened. >> that's about as dumb as it gets. >> reporter: while the faa immediately added a second controller to the night shift at reagan national, it won't tell us where else staffing will be changed and how quickly. why not do the same at those 29 other airports around the country? >> this is critical air space. >> reporter: isn't the air space over every airport around the country critical? >> this air space is particularly critical with its proximity to the white house and so forth. >> reporter: as with pilots, fatigue has long been an issue with air traffic controllers. the ntsb has made dealing with it a priority. and controllers tell us themselves they need backup in the control tower. particularly in cases of emergency. >> i don't see why -- how this could possibly happen. >> reporter: bob richards, a controller for 22 years at chicago's o'hare airport, says the potential consequences were made brutally clear in lexington, kentucky, in 2006, when a comair flight crashed, killing 49 people.
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>> one of the main contributing factors was there was only one controller in that tower. who not only wasn't watching the airplane when it took off, but was doing the collateral data that normally two people. >> reporter: the nstb issued this recommendation. recommending that the controllers not perform dual functions in the towers, supervising and controlling flights. that's what that controller was asked to do on wednesday. and they have been for years before that. >> you think it's a no-brainer, you would have more than one controller on. >> such an important job. you're right about that, david. health officials in southern california are reporting more than 350 cases of a rare superbug called crkp, right now. how concerned should people be about this? our chief medical editor, dr. richard besser, joins us now. how concerned should people be? >> people hear superbug and they become alarmed. this is one of the cases where i think there should be some alarm.
7:15 am
i spent seven years at the center of disease control. we develop new drugs to defeat the infections. and the germs change to get around those drugs. this is one of those cases. >> how dangerous is this superbug? >> this one is very dangerous. it tends to affect people in the hospital for long periods of time. people with underlying medical problems. people in nursing homes. it can be very fatal. 40% of people with this infection, in some cases, die. people on ventilators. it's one we need to take very seriously. >> what are the symptoms? what should people be looking for? >> it can cause a variety of infections. it can cause pneumonia. hospitals need to be looking for it. when they look at the germ, they have to do special tests to see, is this bug resistant to these infections? and in many cases, you may be down to one antibiotic that works. >> what can we do? >> i think there's a number of things. a lot comes down to hospitals. they need to make sure that health care workers aren't spreading it from
7:16 am
patient-to-patient. that's mainly what takes place. as a loved one of someone who is in the hospital, you have to be vigilant. when you're sitting there, with your relative, if anyone comes in and wants to touch your relative without washing their hands, you have to say something because that will make a difference. it will make sure. in some of the cases when they looked, people aren't washing their hands. and it does come down to simple things like that. making sure that no one is bringing a germ to someone you care about. >> how about these germs going elsewhere? how about them spreading beyond where they are right now? >> luckily this doesn't go to healthy people. so, it's something that nursing homes have to be watching for. hospitals need to be watching for. but it's like an arms race. and in many cases, the germs are winning. >> because it's in southern california right now. there's concern it could spread elsewhere. >> that's right. there are new york hospitals that have problems. north carolina hospitals that have problems. it's not limited to california. >> thank you, rich. you're now know as dr. b. >> all right. >> and he's got the moves to
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match. we'll save that for another day. >> yes. let's get the weather now. happy friday, sam. >> happy friday, robin. david. dr. b. let's get to the boards. the brutal february chill that goes from the great lakes to the northeast. look at these places in the teens. green bay, detroit, buffalo, this morning. new york at 29 degrees. boston, about 31. this is well below what you would normally start this time of year. and it lasts all weekend long. don't think you're going to break it today. here's where the powerful storms are rolling today. tulsa, little rock, shreveport. and another area of heavy rain moves into northern california. one to two inches. this is the kind of thing, days and days of rain, that will trigger mudslides. so, keep an eye out for that.
7:18 am
a cold start to our friday morning, 32 degrees at reagan national airport. clouds will increase later this afternoon and we could see a of drizzle and a few flurries south of d.c. enjoy the sunshine this morning today,uds arrive later 46-50 degrees. tonight, mostly cloudy, 25-33 a chilly day, 44- 49. the snow coming up in the next half hour, hot and dry and even some
7:19 am
fires. we have to show you where and talk a little about it. david? >> thank you, sam. we loved hearing this when we got in. tonight on broadway, theaters will go dark for one minute at 8:00 p.m., to honor elizabeth taylor. the legendary actress was laid to rest yesterday, thursday, in a california cemetery, where family and friends said good-bye one last time. and chris connelly has more on a scene that played out like a part in one of her own films. right, chris? >> reporter: good morning, david. that's right. when elizabeth taylor opted not to take part in the michael jackson services in 2009, she referred to them as hoopla. we might have anticipated that she would prefer a private service. what we did not anticipate, is she would give her friends and family one more reason to smile. >> i don't really know how to express my gratitude. >> reporter: the star who spent much of her life in a public frenzy of flashbulbs, was bid farewell yesterday, with the
7:20 am
utmost discretion and a touch of wit. >> i'm a tough texan. >> reporter: limousines whisked elizabeth taylor's family and friends to a private funeral at forest lawn cemetery. but what's sure to be remembered as an epic hollywood beyond the grave gag. it began 15 minutes late, at the request of elizabeth taylor herself. as her instructions stated, she even want to be late to her own funeral. >> it was a very small group of people. her son, michael wilding, read something. her daughter, liza, read something. >> reporter: actor colin farrell read a poem that implores, give beauty back. beauty, beauty, beauty, back to god. there was a trumpet performance of "amazing grace," by one of her grandchildren. she was laid to rest beneath the great mausoleum.
7:21 am
here, she will be keeping with her richly a-list life. there, inside the great mausoleum itself, is taylor's long-time friend and admirer, michael jackson. "gone with the wind's" clark gable. jean harlow, who died so young. and funny man, w.c. fields. >> elizabeth taylor was a class act. she left the world in the best possible way. i think it was important to her and those around her that she be given a kind of dignified exit. >> reporter: a fitting farewell. but you can't help but wonder how many times elizabeth taylor must have heard the phrase, why, that woman would be late to her own funeral. i guess elizabeth taylor got the last laugh. >> and deserved. thanks, chris, for great reporting. >> we have heard about her sense of humor. coming up on "gma," the beauty queen who lost her crown, sued to get it back. while being told to lay off the tacos led to her very public fight in court. she's speaking out here live.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning everybody. friday,me on march 25. i am alison starling with a let's check on the morning
7:27 am
commute with lisa baden. we don't have any accidents to report. all the rails are in good shape this morning. minor crash on the at the exit for the beennals park but that has moved. pace is graham 395 at the exit for the pentagon. this is what it looks like a cross the 14th street bridge. we'll go to maryland where been in our favor all morning. there was a minor crash on the at 450 and new carrollton and that is gone. this is live at university boulevard. we have had about 20 minutes far and it will bright and sunny morning temperatures holding at degrees this hour. the satellite and radar shows will remain sunny for morning but clouds will
7:28 am
the south and west later this afternoon. our forecast today calls for highs well below average, 46-50 degrees. an amber alert for two children has now been cancelled. authorities say the children found unharmed early this morning, their father was taken without incident. police say he took them last in the northeast d.c. we another updateth it 7:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to tbd news on news channel 8.
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♪ 'cause god makes no mistakes back at 7:30 on "good morning america." that's miss san antonio, with her crown back this morning. and the music, lady gaga, "born this way." this is her new country version. she just tweeted this morning. only 400 people have heard it so far. and we thought it was appropriate. miss san antonio, will tell us in a moment her fight to get her crown back. it's a "gma" exclusive. >> dominique ramirez. we're going to hear from her, david. and check this out. we showed you a little bit of this before we went away. the food hits the floor. and the waiter serves it anyway. what do you think these diners did? what would you do?
7:31 am
and wait until you see what happens next. also coming up here, a mother's -- well, a desperate plea in a very unusual kidnapping. >> please, if anyone is listening out there. we just want to have our boying back. >> we are listening now. who stole her boys? we are going inside the great puppet robbery. this is another very important "gma" investigation. >> it's the real deal. >> a real story. and in our 8:00 hour, we're going big, with dolly parton. yes, the country superstar is up early this morning. has a lot to talk about. we'll talk to miss dolly, coming up at 8:00. >> she's working 7:30 to 5:00, today. >> you get it again. >> i tried. i tried. it's friday, right? >> exactly. >> all right. we do move on, thankfully. first, this half hour, a big victory for the texas beauty queen who says she lost her title because organizers thought she was overweight. in fact, they told her, this is
7:32 am
a quote, to lay off the tacos. a jury ruled that dominique ramirez was wrongly stripped of that crown. dominique will join us live right here in just a moment. first, ryan owens has more on the verdict. >> reporter: dominique ramirez is once again miss san antonio. and this time, the honor wasn't bestowed by some panel of celebrity judges, but by a real one. >> i don't have any choice but to reinstate dominique ramirez as miss san antonio 2011. >> reporter: the teenager sued the pageant when organizers took away her crown, after allegedly saying she packed on the pounds. jurors looked at this photo and begged to differ. >> this is about principle. it's about what is right. and i feel the right thing here is to work together to be successful. >> reporter: all along, pageant officials said it has nothing to do with her weight. that she didn't represent the city very well. that she was late to events.
7:33 am
and didn't send thank you notes. but the jury didn't buy it. especially after they heard this. >> what did she tell you? >> that i had to lay off the tacos and junk food. >> dominique is not fat by any stretch of the imagination. she is a beautiful girl. but she wasn't ready for miss texas. >> reporter: ready or not, the judge says she can compete. there is one wrinkle in the sash. the pageant already crowned a new queen. >> i'm just really, really excited to be miss san antonio 2011. >> reporter: so, there may be two miss san antonios crowding the stage at the miss texas pageant this summer. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, san antonio. >> our thanks to ryan owens. we're proud to say this morning, the newly reinstated miss san antonio, dominique ramirez, joins us now. should i call you dominique? or should i call you miss san antonio? >> dominique's fine. good morning.
7:34 am
>> what kind of message does this send? the fact that you fought for this crown back and you have it now? >> it obviously shows that, the jury saw the issues. they saw the problem. and they solved it. >> how do you feel personally to have that crown back? >> i feel great. you know, i've only had like two hours of sleep this morning. and i woke up happy. my family's behind me. my lawyer's behind me. all of his associates are behind me. i have a large support group. and i thank god for that every day. >> we're so glad you said you woke up happy this morning. i want to put the picture back up on the screen. look at you here. i'm not a beauty pageant judge. but i find it hard to believe that anyone would look at that and see someone who is overweight. did they actually tell you to lay off the tacos? >> yes, they did. first, i took at as constructive criticism. but when i filed suit against
7:35 am
them, they said it in a very hurtful way over ktsa radio. i mean, that was then, when i took it to be very hurtful. by no means am i overweight. >> you certainly aren't. and a beautiful, young woman you are. we have a lot of mothers, a lot of daughters watching "good morning america" this morning. and i'm just sort of curious what your message to them would be. >> my message to them, if you're going to run in a pageant, review your contract with your parents. maybe even a lawyer. know who you're getting affiliated with. know their background. just be safe. parent, just make sure you keep your children safe. know the kind of people you're dealing with. >> and the larger debate over body image and feeling good about yourself. what would you say to little girls out there that are watching you in your fight and know that you went through this to get your crown back? >> just as long as you're healthy and doing everything in
7:36 am
a healthy way. i mean, eating right. getting the right balanced diet. portioning your food. having carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. just having a healthy diet and not overexcessing and not eating too little. just having the right amount for your body. eat to where you're satisfied. not to where you're full. >> and you know, have a taco now and then. that's my message to everybody out there. one quick question now. i know you're sharing the crown with the other miss san antonio. have the two of you talked? i know you'll be competing with each other in a few months. >> we haven't talked. we can't have two title holders with the same title of miss san antonio. i have the title back. and hopefully miss dixie will get to compete for miss texas with the miss bare county title. i hope to share the glory with her. >> we're glad you have the crown back. and good luck this summer in the
7:37 am
bigger competition for miss texas. thank you, dominique. miss san antonio. thank you for being here. there's a lot of other news to get to. for that, we turn to juju chang at the newsdesk. >> good morning, david and robin. good morning, everyone. we begin the news with another deadly earthquake in the pacific ring of fire. this time in myanmar's border. so far, more than 70 people have died. but the toll is expected to rise. hundreds of homes, buddhist monasteries and government buildings have been damaged. more progress for congresswoman gabby giffords. she is now aware how she was injured. husband mark kelly says she is beginning to process the shooting back in january. she wants to attend the shuttle launch next month, if doctors approve. now, a huge, and i mean huge upset in march madness action. duke, the defending national champ is out. they're out of the tourney. beaten and beaten badly by
7:38 am
arizona. 93-77. the wildcats will play uconn this saturday. now, a little something-something special we worked up. we call it "gma" morning mashup. it's baby gaga's latest and a pair of polar bears. there they are. they're making their public debut at the nuremberg zoo, just six days after knut died in berlin. aren't they adorable? the soundtrack, listen up. it's a twangy, new version of lady gaga's hit "born this way." that's a little country, right? >> it's a country version. >> i could watch those polar bears all day long. >> love that mashup. sam is standing by with the latest check on the weather. sam, is site friday or what? >> david, seriously. i'm barely hanging on this morning. it's been a week. let's get to the boards. we have one or two things going on this morning.
7:39 am
we hope your morning is going well. we'll start with pictures that will probably make you feel good you're not here. this is soda springs, california. the sierras picked up four feet in two days. and how about this number? 600 inches of snow this winter. that rarely happens. and there's more ahead. there's plenty of rain moving on the coastline with another storm system in that mountain snow will kick up once you get elevations and colder temperatures. and speaking of colder temperatures, dropping down into d.c., and chicagoland. and the cherry blossom festival coming up. but the numbers are cold all weekend long. we mentioned the fires. there's two fire areas. very hot, very gusty. th
7:40 am
a second cup of coffee. here's what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." will you let this go by? you see a waiter drop food on the floor. and he puts it back on the plate and serves it to the people. we'll put it to the test on "gma." and inside the great puppet robbery. return for some pricey puppets. no questions asked. and no strings attached. i know. seeing is believing. but how could bi-racial twins happen? we take a look at this one in a million long shot. [ female announcer ] we asked coffee lovers to come and try coffee-mate's new cafe collection flavors. then we asked them to show us how the taste inspired them. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] introducing new rich caramel macchiato. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] indulgent white chocolate caramel latte.
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when food hits the floor in your kitchen, maybe you go with the five-second rule. would you want that happening in a restaurant where you're dining? our abc hidden cameras went to restaurants to see what diners would do if they see something like that. john quinones is in an undisclosed location this morning. why is that, john? >> reporter: for a long time, viewers have been asking us to film "what would you do?" outside of the new york area. so, we're thousands of miles from new york filming the show. but we can't say where we're at because we don't want to blow our cover. on tonight's "what would you do?" every diner's nightmare. what happens to your food from the time you order it and the
7:44 am
time the server brings it to your table? >> grilled cheese and tomatoes, please. thank you. >> reporter: what if the food accidentally hits the floor? what would you do if you saw it happen? >> here you go. >> oh, thank you. >> did you just drop that? and give it to them? >> our floor is clean. >> you dropped this on the floor? >> i didn't drop yours. >> reporter: with a bit of a shock and a chuckle, these customers sitting around our actors, immediately speak up. >> he picked up the pickles and everything. >> i can't believe he just did that. >> reporter: i explain it's all a setup. the waiter is also an actor. and no one here would ever serve food that's hit the floor. >> i just thought it was disgusting. the guy drops the food and picks it up and puts it on their table. >> reporter: so, you had to say something? >> absolutely. without a doubt. >> reporter: but would anyone warn our diners if, this time, they were being obnoxious. >> my name is craig. >> i don't need to know your
7:45 am
name. i just need to order some food. >> reporter: this time, the customers hear our actors berating the waiter for no reason. >> i want to make sure i got it right. you want wheat bread. and tomatoes on the side. >> yes. >> i think there was a mixup when they hired you. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: when the food hits the floor, the waiter tries to bring it back to the kitchen. >> carrot top? >> are you going to walk by? >> he dropped it on the floor. i'm pretty sure you don't want it off the floor. you're giving this kid a hard time. >> trying to get a grilled cheese sandwich. >> you're being a jerk about it. >> he probably dropped it on purpose. >> reporter: when at last the couple leaves, i walk in. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: a consumer group says one solution to all this, a solution could be to put letter grades declaring how clean a restaurant is in the restaurant window. that way, diners will know just
7:46 am
how clean that restaurant really is. >> they will. we're looking forward to tonight, whatever you are today right now, john. thank you. it's an all-new "what would you do?" tonight, 9:00, 8:00 central, on abc. coming up on "gma," the great puppet robbery. ♪ [ smack! ] [ smack! smack! smack! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums
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7:49 am
a bizarre kidnapping. a pricey puppet. thieves stole one of the kind
7:50 am
reuations from their connecticut home. and our jeremy hubbard is on the case. >> please, if anyone is listening out there, we just want to have our boys back. >> reporter: a desperate plea from a mother full of emotion. okay, she's full of foam, too. but mostly emotion. puppets in peril. after a headline-grabbing crime, the likes of which this connecticut town has never seen. do you file this as, like, a missing persons report? >> i think they called it puppet-napping. >> reporter: this is some of the last-known video of the victim, seen entertaining children and charities, as they have for years. until, in the darkness of night sunday, four guys in a gray car broke into this shed. 20 1-of-a-kind pricey puppets taken in all. leaving this puppeteer with an empty hand and an empty heart. >> i never would have worried
7:51 am
about them being stolen. who steals puppets? >> reporter: that's what we want to know. who thieves would rob children of the pure joy they bring? we set out to get answers. we looked high. and low. combed the neighborhood. questioned witnesses. when that got us nowhere, we searched the internet. hand puppets. these puppets could fetch $10,000 online. still, no clues. this morning, police are just as baffled. you look like you could use a hug. >> oh, what a nice man. and a kiss, too. >> reporter: okay. i guess we all cope in different ways. she just wants those dummies to bring her dummies back. for "good morning america," jeremy hubbard, new britain, connecticut. >> new britain. who steals puppets? >> who stel steals them? bring them back. and good golly, miss fwol e dolly. look who is here this morning.
7:52 am
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♪ working 9:00 to 5:00 what a way to make a living ♪ ♪ and it's getting it's all taking ♪ ♪ and no giving you can lose your mind ♪ great to have folks with us here in times square. look who is there in tennessee, working 24/7, is more like it. the dynamic dolly parton. she says she still has big dreams every day. we cannot wait to hear what she has dreamed up next. >> she's dreamed up something big. also, not all twins are identical. we knew that. but how rare is this? one white twin, one black twin. today, our close-up look at a
8:01 am
one-in-a-million long shot. we set three moms loose with $50 each. and you won't believe how much they can save. it's the royal wedding of the century. but the question, is it written in the stars? nick watt on the royal case this morning. turning to astrologers to see if prince william and kate middleton are destined to be together. >> as soon as you say nick watt, i can't help but smile. a look at the top stories again, let's get over to juju. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news out of japan. a dangerous core breach at the nuclear reactor of the troubled nuclear plant is raising concerns this morning about even more radioactive contamination. neal karlinsky has more from japan? >> reporter: officials came out and said one of their worst fears might be coming true. they may have a leak in the reactor core of fukushima reactor three. they're not certain. but they believe that's the
8:02 am
case. they believe it happened at the same time that three workers were very seriously burned. those workers were taken to facilities here about an hour east of tokyo. and they're being treated for them, serious radiation burns. japan's prime minister, coming on television, just a short while ago, to reassure people. calling the situation, tense. but also volunteering to get them information on what the levels of radiation exposure are in various areas. that's something that people have had a really hard time getting a handle on and feeling comfortable about. juju? >> a serious development. thanks for the update, neal. and in libya, coalition forces are handing over responsibility of enforcing that no-fly zone. changing hands could take place as early as tomorrow. the pentagon says the allies are flying 75% of the combat air mission there's. and a woman faces life in prison, after a hong kong jury
8:03 am
found her guilty today by murder of milkshake. it was the second trial for nancy, who gave her husband a sedative-laced shake. she says her husband had abused her and admitted to manslaughter. but this jury and the original one believed it was murder. in a las vegas courtroom, a mental health hearing today turned ugly. this happened when court offices tried to take the defend into custody. one of the officers was slightly injured. the defendant is in jail. are you feeling lucky? the megamillions jackpot is $312 million for tonight's drawing. that has people lining up in 42 states and the district of columbia. it's not the biggest ever. but it ranks in the top five. good luck to everybody. now, let's get a preview of tonight's "world news." david muir is sitting in for diane sawyer. david? >> a good friday morning to you, juju. coming up, we'll have the latest on the handover in libya. more into the investigation of the sleeping air traffic
8:04 am
controller. and of course, we'll have our "person of the week." >> what are you doing? you think you're uptown or something? you're still here. >> i was trying to pull it off, the evening news man thing. >> you think you're diane? >> busted. thanks, robin. see you tonight on "world news." >> you see his voice dropped lower into that gravitas of "world news." back here on "gma," we want to tell you about one final, fun story. literary legitimacy for a new crop of words, many popularized by texting. omg, lol, and a symbol made it in, heart. and muffintop squeezed its way into the oxford dictionary. time for the weather with a man who has never sported a muffintop in his life, sam champion. >> good morning, juju. it's official. you can have a muffintop.
8:05 am
it's in the dictionary. wait just a minute. all right. a very loud crowd. it's somebody's birthday. whose birthday? >> amecha's birthday. >> you're amecha. >> you made the sign. you say it's her birthday. but you squeezed her to the back. happy birthday amesia. my darling. with friends like that -- you know what i'm saying? all right. let's get to the boards. one or two things happening this morning we want to talk about. i'm so glad we finally found you on your birthday. in philadelphia, look how beautiful that clear sky is. but step outside and you know the chill is in the air. you're at 29 degrees in philly this morning. and it's just as cold in new york. stays that way all weekend long. look at the temperatures. detroit is 31. rochester, 29. boston, 28 degrees. that's a cold pocket of air. in the northwest, we have another system after being pounded for a couple of systems in a row here. you have one more.
8:06 am
it's a little weaker. one to two looking at another ahead, but plenty of sunshine this morning. a daytime high. some , a chance for drizzle. expecting anything major. 25-33 degrees. clouds will stick around omorrow. 40-49. extended outlook. now on sunday. warming trend a as we move i just wanted to make sure everybody got in this morning. coming up in the next half hour, we have a car that gets almost 3,000 miles to the gallon. almost 3,000 miles to the gallon. rob and david? >> a matchbox car. you got our attention. we're going to turn to a medical rarity. a set of twins born to an ohio
8:07 am
couple. both healthy and beautiful. the thing is, one looks black, one looks white. the parents love their twins. but they've faced grief and discrimination over the situation. and juju is here with this morning. >> reporter: we know our country is an ethnic melting pot. but american kids carry an assortment of genes as a result. charles and christie cunningham don't pay attention to their babies' skin color. but unfortunately, the rest of the world isn't as color-neutral. 18-month-old gabe cunningham was born with blonde hair and beautiful, blue eyes. >> he started smiling. and he opened them up, and they're blue. >> reporter: the eyes are blue. what was your reaction? >> i wasn't surprised. >> reporter: this isn't your garden variety surprise because
8:08 am
this blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby's father, happens to be black. we all learned in eighth grade science, brown eyes are supposed to be dominant, what's up? >> no idea. >> reporter: but gabe's mom, kre hristi, is white. triniti is gabe's twin sister. they share the same gene pool. even the same uterus. doesn't that blow you away? you basically have a child that looks black. and a child that looks white. the cunningham twins born just minutes apart, arrived in contrasting colors that wowed even nurses. people on the street don't know what to think. what do people say to you? >> how close in age are they? are you sure they're twins. >> are we baby sitting. >> yes. are you related? are you sure? >> reporter: are you sure. >> to be honest, they've called them mutts.
8:09 am
>> reporter: that's right, mutts. >> they will be judged their entire lives. >> reporter: obviously, they're not identical twins, which happens when one egg is fertilized by one sperm, splitting in half. fraternal twins come from two separate eggs, fertilized by two sperm. but the odds of it producing different skin color in twins is a one in a million shot. it's rare. but this family had light and dark twins not once. but twice. strangers often assume khristi slept with another man. >> that's one of the first things that usually comes out of the any comments. is they have a different father. >> reporter: what goes through your mind when you hear accusations like, clearly, you've been stepping out? >> it doesn't bother me because i know where i've been, i guess. it doesn't bother me at all because, you know, they're his. it's not, you know -- >> reporter: it's not like charles is asking questions.
8:10 am
>> no. >> reporter: the cunninghams are an interracial couple who are no strangers to racism. we live in a world where halle berry, tiger woods, all products of mixed race marriages, have reached pinnacles in our society. and yet, there's still race issues. >> it's something that i'm amazed at. for us to be as advanced, for this to make the news, is, you know, a statement in itself, i think. >> reporter: and mom and dad hope their children grow up in a world that is truly color-blind. >> we've had people walk on the moon and dive in the ocean. yet, a white kid is something like -- it's something that's not supposed to exist. >> the twins look so healthy now. but they were born 11 weeks early and spent a lot of time in the nicu. the couple told me that the twins entire lives, there's only
8:11 am
one person who recognized them as twins, here in central park. and said, you have twins there. >> that's wild. we did have some tough questions along the way. we were saying, now cool. what a blessing when you see the photographs and the babies side-by-side. >> we made a big deal that this is a one-in-a-million shot, that they're skin color is different. but it was a struggle to conceive. she had miscarried one. she wanted desperately to have these babies. she spent some time bedridden. they are totally loved. >> the most important thing, they have two parents that love them. >> absolutely. >> what great story. coming up next here, the one and only -- the one and only dolly parton. dolly, good morning. >> it's a beautiful morning here in dollywood. i wanted to say good morning, america. i was driving in northern california. my son was asleep.
8:12 am
i really didn't see it coming. i didn't realize i was drifting into the other lane. [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short. but my car did. -my car did. -thankfully, my mercedes did. [ male announcer ] a world you can't predict... demands a car you can trust. the e-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. was just voted product of the year? in a national survey, thousands of americans voted. aquafresh iso-active was the clear winner! we guarantee it will be your favorite, too, or your money back. try aquafresh iso-active.
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♪ working 9:00 to 5:00 one of our favorite guests of all-time joins us live right now. dolly parton. somewhere, charlie gibson is smiling. she has a new album, a new tour, and a brand-new season kicking off at dollywood. that's where she joins us live, from pigeon forge, tennessee. i can't believe it's the 26th season for dollywood. do you have special plans for saturday? >> well, you know we do. we have a new ride. i'm sitting here in front of it. it's called the barn stormer. it's another one of the glorious rides that i'm not going to get on, lest i should lose my hair and other things that we don't want to discuss. but the kids are all excited about it. and we're very proud about it. we're happy we're in business for 26 years. >> i know you said you don't like rollercoasters. if you don't get on it, that's a fun ride for everyone else. that's the benchmark, dolly? >> that's pretty much it. i don't like to ride the rides. the kids think if it's too scary
8:16 am
for me, they're definitely going to get on it. >> you have a busy time coming up. you're about to go on tour again. >> yes, we are. we start a tour in july. we do the american tour from july 17th. we start in knoxville, tennessee. then, we go through august. then, we take a little break. then, in september, we go to europe. and then, back to do some more dates in october here, in the states. and then, we go in november, to australia. so, it's going to be a busy year with dollywood and all the fun things we have going. i have a new cd coming out early summer. it's called "better day." and it's the better day tour. >> it seems like you're following the sun by just all the places you're talking about. are you warm weather natured there? >> i like to be warm. it's not very warm here this morning. that's why i have on gloves. we thought we would have a lot warmer day than we're having at dollywood.
8:17 am
it will warm up later on. but it's still early on in the woods. >> tell us more about the new music. you've sold 155 million albums around the world. tell us about this music. >> actually, every album you do, you think it's the best you've done. in this one, i've written all of the songs in this one. it has a lot of uplifting and positive things. that's why we call it "better day." in our tour, we hope to do songs from that. songs that are inspiring and lift people up. fun stuff. even love songs are more of a positive nature in this cd. so, we're really looking forward to going on tour. i love the audience. i love performing live. it's going to be a fun time for us and hopefully for the fans out there. >> oh, the fans love you right back. i've been to some of your concerts. and it is a hoot. and i talked to you over the years, dolly. and i couldn't believe one time when you told me you actually lost a dolly parton look-a like
8:18 am
contest. so, we decided -- true story, right? >> that is a true story. it was a contest on santa monica boulevard. there were a lot of gay guys and drag queens. i come prancing across the stage in their high heels. i got dressed up. they assumed it wasn't me. so, i lost the whole contest. and i got a big kick out of that. >> let's put you to the test this morning, okay? >> okay. >> we're going to put up dolly parton impersonators. which one is you, dolly? "a," "b," "c," or "d." >> i think you're trying to trick me. they're all different pictures of me, aren't they? >> no, they're not. only one is you. >> i think i recognize my outfit. number "c." >> there you go. we have a winner.
8:19 am
>> they look exactly like me. i thought that was four pictures of me. >> "a" was sandy anderson from las vegas. "b" was jason cosmo. >> jason's a boy. >> and then, there was millie," d." they look like you at different points in your life. >> they look good. they look dolly. >> you know, i got to tell you. someone who would have appreciated that is your dear friend, elizabeth taylor, who we lost the other day. >> oh, she would. i loved her. she loved all of the big hair. we had that in common. we loved our big hair-dos. we were little and talking about that. trying to find clothes to suit us. she had kind of a big chest, too. she was a doll. and i just loved her. she had a great sense of humor. >> what are you going to miss most about her? >> well, i think everybody will miss her. i think somebody said a wonderful thing because of her
8:20 am
great perfume. someone here at the park this morning. we know heaven's going to smell a lot better now. i think thought that was a sweet thing to say. she will be missed. she was a wonderful talent. a wonderful person. did a lot of exciting work for the aids foundation. i think people will miss her all around. >> she made her life count. she did that. >> she did. >> we love to see her up on the big screen. and you are returning to the movies. tell us about this new one coming out. >> well, i just finished a movie in atlanta, georgia, with queen latifah and kiki palmer and other wonderful folks. >> wow. >> it's a music-driven -- musical. 47 minutes of music, i believe. it's about choirs that compete. all gospel. very uplifting music. and it has fun stories. a lot of comedy. a lot of heart. a lot of soul. and it will come out on warner brothers, in january of next year. >> it's been a couple of decades
8:21 am
since we've seen you up on the big screen. what took you so long to get back to us? >> i haven't had any scripts. people send me junk. and i don't want to do it if i can't do it well. i don't want to waste my time doing something i'm not going to be proud of. this was written and directed by todd graf, who is a wonderful writer. he tailor-made it for me. my character. there's no way i won't work with queen latifah. i love her. we had a ball. >> absolutely. >> i think people are going to love it. i really do. it's very inspiring and uplifting and fun. >> you've given us a lot to look forward to. the movie. the tour. the new cd. and dollywood opening for its 26th season tomorrow. bless you. thank you so much, dolly. >> we have our best world nations and a lot of things going on. come on down. >> have a great weekend, dolly. thank you. >> thank you, robin. bye-bye. what's on everybody's mind?
8:22 am
here's "your three words" to the tune of "precious." ♪ love me or leave me but please don't deceive me ♪ ♪ love me how i am and love the way ♪ ♪ i get to my deal not the woman who forgets ♪ ♪ to understand you wanted something more from my body ♪ ♪ and you needed something more from my loving ♪ ♪ all you got is me that's all i can be ♪ ♪ i'm sorry if it let you down but i'm not going to sit ♪ ♪ around and waste my precious energy trying to think ♪ ♪ of what you think is wrong
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[ giggles ] hey, max. [ announcer ] you can help significantly extend your dog's healthy years. a groundbreaking 14-year study by purina... proves that puppy chow, then dog chow nutrition, fed properly over a lifetime, can help extend his lovable antics up to 1.8 healthy years. long live your buddy. [ laughs ] oh, max. long live your dog. purina dog chow.
8:27 am
double dog dare you to try better-tasting than ever purina dog chow. we know your dog will love it. good morning to you once gain, i'm alison starling. on this fridayme morning. let's begin with lisa baden. your traffic.k on n 66 and 95, the dull less had an eastbound ccident on the shoulder. delays begin at hunter middle oad. first of all, to 6 traffic. good inside the beltway at glee road. the roosevelt bridge and tidal basin with the cherry blossoms. wonderful. been a and there's just traffic out of
8:28 am
montgomery to ounty. this, a crash in the roadway. feels a lot like winner -- opposed to the middle of spring. s our high in western . ryland for today downtown. few late day clouds that could even drizzle es ater on tonight. g much in the terms precipitation, but tomorrow 44-49 tures around degrees. outlook. r extended yes, that's esnow on sunday. things up by tuesday, dnesday and thursday of next eek. alison? cherry blossoms. > hard to believe. thank you steve. cameras will be all metro tside of stations. from the homeland provide department will cameras.
8:29 am
installation will begin omorrow. .ave a great morning
8:30 am
♪ they look like they're vacationing outside here in times square. everybody very excited about the weekend. and we're excited because britney spears. you know, we had tickets for her performance this sunday in san francisco. we told you about them yesterday. they sold out in 14 minutes. >> 14? >> 1-4, baby. so sorry if you missed out. the good news, you can catch every exciting second this tuesday, right here on "good morning america." >> it was the 15th minute. that's why i didn't get through. i tried. this is huge news in san francisco. all over the country. but in san francisco, this is a big deal. you're headed out, right? >> i leave at 9:30 this morning.
8:31 am
the countdown to britney spears videos. this morning, it was 8-year-old samantha from rochester, new york, channeling her inner brittany. ♪ >> "circus" continues to be the song of choice for a lot of our videos. we're going to show some of the videos to britney when we're out there and see what she thinks. >> she's been dancing since she was 2. competitive dancing, even though she broke her ankle and was in a cast for six weeks. she took home first place in the competition. and she would like to take first place here. >> you can tell, she is a handful. we have a bargain bonanza. we set three moms loose at one of the biggest sales in the country. and we'll show you how much they save in ten minutes. >> three moms. wild and crazy. >> i don't know if we can turn the camera around on them.
8:32 am
they said they were coyote ugly at a bar here in new york city last night. they're from down south. >> down south? and they were out last night? >> they were. >> that's why they showed up at 8:31. >> they just got up. also coming up this half hour, what the stars tell about will and kate. and apparently, robin, about you and moi. >> about you filling in? if we're compatible. >> if we're compatible this week. let's get to the weather and sam. i'm sorry, david -- >> we're very compatible. very compatible. we want to first talk to you about this. ♪ "anything goes," because this is the hottest ticket in town. robin's like -- robin's like, we were so good monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. and then, friday. >> yeah. >> this half hour, "anything goes," the hottest ticket around on broadway. we cannot forget that. first, we're going to turn
8:33 am
to garage sales on steroids. enormous sales for people to exchange gently-used items at great prices. these sales are helping families make ends meet in this economy, whether they're parting with things they no longer want or finding things they need. melissa rycroft joined three moms in texas. go, texas. to see who scored the biggest bang for 50 bucks. check it out. >> reporter: imagine all the excitement. >> five minutes. >> reporter: and saves. >> 20 bucks. can't beat it, right? >> reporter: of black friday. but on a wednesday in march? welcome to just between friends, a huge consignment sale with maternity, baby and kids stuff. it's like a garage sale on steroids. more than 200 times a year, across the country, moms are able to save on toys and books, meet up with those with something to sell, at convention centers like this one near dallas, which is where i found "gma" contributor and master of
8:34 am
saving a buck, tory johnson. why shop here? >> in a word, savings. you can come to one place and under one roof, 150,000 items, at 50% to 90% off retail prices. so, the savings are incredible. and i was joking with a bunch of the moms here that this is the one shopping spree you don't have to hide from your husband. >> reporter: i like it. so, we asked tory to put three, lucky moms to the test. >> $50 each. ten minutes. melissa will take you around. and you have to find the best savings. >> reporter: first up, new mom, laura harbron, and 11-week-old baby claire. >> i need a jogging stroller. >> reporter: over there. >> i think i saved my money. >> reporter: next up, tacha rife, a mother of three, who came armed with a list.
8:35 am
>> legos. >> reporter: toys. >> definitely toys. >> reporter: behind. let's go. >> $14. this is brand-new. >> reporter: $19.36. two for two. tacha makes it back before the buzzer. finally, pricilla johnson. who has two boys. >> a polo shirt. wow. >> look at this one here. >> reporter: soon, pricilla's back, with lots of stuff. er toy heads online, comparing what our moms paid against retail prices. how did we do? laura's stroller, it's like new, but for $80 less. and pricilla saved $230 on all these clothes. but the big winner is tacha, wracking up $300 in savings on all those toys.
8:36 am
>> tory johnson is on the scene in mesquite, texas, with our bargain-hunting moms and a crowd of shoppers behind you. always great to see you. tory, good morning. >> hey, david. i talked to a bunch of women in the last couple of days what it means to make money by being here. it comes down to five "cs." the first one is clean. laura has a teeny infant. no matter how cheap this stroller is, if it's not clean, you're not buying it. use some elbow grease. clean brings you the green. that's what this is about, perfect cleaning. also, clearly label. if you're thinking about selling your kids' clothes, ultimately, don't cut the labels out. we're joking. let the kids itch if they have to. pricilla, it was really important you find the labels. you have an unbelievable score because the labels are here. and don't get them all rumpled.
8:37 am
a little febreze does the trick. the third "c," complete. it's so important that you keep the original boxes of your kids' stuff. what are they going to do when they see this stuff? they're so excited to see all this. the fourth "c," is cheap. cheap. it's not important how much you paid. this original thing was 50 bucks here. here, it's $5. all because it has the original box. so, when it's cheap, what does it mean for all of us? >> cha-ching. >> you say clean brings the green. and tell everyone behind you, tell them to give us a big wave for all of america watching. >> give a big wave, you guys. say hi. >> we appreciate the behind-the-scenes secret tips. a garage sale on steroids. sam champion is standing by outside to let us know what the weather will be like for the weekend. hey, sam. >> hey, david. i have dan ritter and the rock
8:38 am
stars from mater dei high school. >> i'm joe raider, the co-captain of this car. >> all right. >> and evan, the driver. >> evan's going to drive the car. first of all, we need to say, tell me the mileage thing on that thing. >> this holds america's record at 2,843 miles to the gallon. >> it's possible. you can do this. i know you have to strip this down. but we learn a lot about mileage by all the competitions that you guys have entered. in your years in trying to trim cars down to get good mileage, what's something we can learn from what your research is? >> 881 vehicles will be at this competition. and all of the innovations that people try to accomplish is the same thing. you get down to it, a lot of it is the tire pressure, one of the key things. and aerodynamics. our car is very slick. >> it is. and it's very small. evan, how tall are you, my
8:39 am
friend? >> i'm 5'3". >> i couldn't fit in this thing. put your helmet on and drive away so we can see how it all works. you're not going to hit me. really? okay. i trust you. got to slide down in this thing. there's no heater. there's no radio. there's no anything. go ahead and go, sir, when you're ready. fire that thing up. imagine going to the grocery store, and trying to put your groceries in that. at least we're learning about mileage. let's get to the boards. one or two things we're going to talk about. by the way, this weekend is the festival, the cherry blossom festival in washington, d.c. there's a little snow that starts on sunday morning. the cold temperatures not so great. but it's beautiful there. it's nice and warm. the only spot in the country is, a chilly start to our friday morning. at reagan national. degree from last hour. forecast calls for highs to upper 40's.
8:40 am
chance for snow excellent driving, by the way. all that weather was brought to you by purina. are you still okay in there? okay. he's comfortable in there. coming up, we're going to take a look to the skies. is there proof in the stars that the new royal couple is meant to last? coming up on "gma." [ female announcer ] why is travel these days about what you give up, and not what you get? like electricity, for gadget power at your seat. room to stretch your legs, and your wingspan. food when you're hungry. and taking off your shoes, only if you feel like it. these aren't luxuries, they're basics.
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♪ sign, sign it's today's royal diary. will and kate plus fate? is there happiness written in the stars? or at least in their signs? nick watt checked in with astrologers for the answers. we're looking forward to this. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning. by the time they walk down the aisle here, they're going to have been together eight, nine years. presumably they know their relationship works. but i am very nosey. and i wanted to know if they really are a good match. by rights, they shouldn't be together. he's a prince. and she's, well, a commoner, like the rest of us. so, what forged this love match?
8:44 am
well, was it the stars? our experts studied the charts. >> prince william is a cancer. and kate is a capricorn. so, they're opposite signs. opposites attract. >> they do genuinely love each other. they love each other because they can't help it. >> it's a lovely compatibility between them. >> reporter: but the wedding day, april 29th, follows mercury in retrograde, not a good thing. >> a bad day for them. no, it's not. >> perhaps will or kate, perhaps most of them will stumble over their lines. stumble over their vows. there will be holdups or delays. >> it will just sort of cast a bit of a shadow over it. but i don't think it will doom them. i think that what they have, the glue that they have, with their moon in cancer. >> reporter: phew. not like charles and diana, who apparently were doomed from the get-go. >> there was a fundamental
8:45 am
incompatibility there. >> there was a clash. >> his moon sign was in torres. that's a very earthy moon that reflected in his interests. and diana's moon was in the sign of aquarius, which is an independent, free-spirited type of individual, who wasn't prepared to take second role to anybody. >> reporter: back to william and kate. what i want to know, is who will wear the pants? >> they will be competing. >> she's a lot more adventurous. she is probably a lot more sassy. a bit more spirited than william is. >> and there will be times when he'll feel that he doesn't want to go on the public engagements. it will be kate saying, come on, william. you have to go out and reign today. >> reporter: and kids? >> i see children in their future. they are very concerned with family. >> reporter: if you believe in astrology, there you have it. lasting, loving and dirty diapers. a match made in -- i can't believe i'm going to say this. a match made in heaven.
8:46 am
and now, some bad news. i've also discovered that my wife and i are totally incompatible. apparently, i talk way too much. apparently i'm a bore and flirt. and apparently, she's very jealous. if you're watching, we'll talk about this later. let's change the subject. guys, are you compatible to share a studio? >> you know what? we did some research on that. >> thank you, nick. >> good thing his wife can't watch from london, here in america. >> that's right. >> i have research on you. a sagittarius. and you are good-humored. optimistic. look at little robin there. good-humored. honest. i thought that was really spot-on. and you're the intellectual of the pair here. >> i've been waiting to say this to you. what's your sign? >> my sign is scorpio, baby. >> you are very much all of the traits. determined. intuitive, powerful and magnetic. i'm sorry to say that the astrologers say --
8:47 am
>> we're incompatible as co-hosts. >> because you're too focused. >> visit our royal diary dog -- can you tell it's friday? go online. >> we're very compatible. "anything goes." >> we're very compatible. "anything goes." you have a front-row seat to more bold flavor!onds! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack.
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undeniably, it is one of the hottest tickets in town right now. "anything goes." and they're right here, on "good morning america." ♪ in olden days a stocking was something shocking ♪ ♪ but now, god knows anything goes ♪ ♪ good authors, too who once knew better words ♪ ♪ now only use four-letter words ♪ ♪ writing prose anything goes ♪ ♪ the world has gone mad today ♪
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♪ if driving fast cars you like if low bars you like ♪ ♪ if old hymns you like if bare limbs you like ♪ ♪ if mae west you like or me undressed you like ♪ ♪ why, nobody will oppose when every night ♪ ♪ the set that's smart is intruding in ♪ ♪ nudist parties in studios anything goes ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the world has gone mad today ♪ ♪ and good's bad today and black's white today ♪ ♪ and day's night today when most guys today ♪ ♪ that women prize today are just silly gigolos ♪ ♪ and though i'm not a great romancer ♪ ♪ i know that i'm bound to answer ♪ ♪ when you propose anything goes ♪
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♪ anything, anything ♪ anything goes ♪ anything, anything ♪ anything goes [ cheers and applause ]
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they've been giving us direction. thank you to sutton foster and the amazing cast of "anything goes." the roundabout theater company. go to our website for an exclusive performance beyond what you've seen here. >> you all are fantastic. >> a big finish. >> watch david tonight on "world news." big finish. big finish. >> here we go. live, and in h.d., this is an abc 7 news update. > good morning, everybody.
8:57 am
8:56 is your time. i'm alison starling. let's look at traffic. who wants to take loop out of a crash d, beware of road now bawking the ight lane. going to take you to you knowof pictures so hat to expect. the 14th street bridge, it over the trees, raffic barely getting through. southbound in the main lanes oks like they are stopping . affic for a moment southbound, there's a crash ut of montgomery county. to are just now starting . ve g 355 is a better option into montgomery county. seeing a quiet and dry, sun-filled friday morning. 46-50 tures today around degrees. weak disturbance mainly to the south of us.
8:58 am
in the middle 30's. rule out chances of fluffy some drizzle. omorrow 44-49 degrees. so, the ast day or could accumulate on grassy areas. updated at noon. we're going to have snow this to be , and it happens busiest weekends in nation's capital. crowds are expected for the t of the national cherry lossom festival. will be in others marathon. e national lot to do in the district. we'll be right back at noon. and kelly is ext. have a good weekend.
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